Ski for Lily 2017

Mark George would have loved to join our line-up of riders to travel the 1300 km’s for our 2017 Ride for Lily.

However there’s a big clash in his diary. Instead he’ll be aiming to cover a very similar distance on ski’s from the edge of Canada across the frozen Arctic sea… to the North Pole.

With his expedition partner, Sebastian Copeland, together they will embark on an unsupported and very challenging journey on an ever shrinking icecap…with a high likelihood that ice conditions could simply take them backwards faster than they can move forward.

You can learn more and follow their journey on the website

More importantly you can show them your support by donating below on their Ski for Lily.

The Skier

Mark “Georgie” George

Mark met Aaron, Sianne and Lily through close friends over 15 years ago. He listened and watched afar as Lily and then Sianne fought their brave battles.

There are many things worth fighting for…but none better than being inspired by their legacy to help find a cure for others.

Thank-you for your kind generosity.

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