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There are some organisations which just seem to resonate with you and for me that organisation is the Live for Lily Foundation. Phil Martins (Director and CFO) introduced me to the Live for Lily Foundation through his invitation to attend the first Live for Lily Butterfly Ball in 2016 and I have attended each one since.

I was so moved by the story of Lily and it really hit home as my kids were the same age then as Lily was when she succumbed to cancer. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child to cancer and am motivated to help where I can, so I have bitten the bullet and decided to enter the 2019 Ride for Lily Tour of Tassie.

I am by no means a cyclist and in fact at the time of writing this bio, I don’t actually own a bike! (I’ll have one shortly I’m sure!) So for me the ride is about challenging myself, feeling the pain and helping where I can in the effort to triumph over children’s cancer.

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Donate in support of Samantha Harrison for Ride for Lily 2019.

Help us put an end to childhood cancer so that our beloved children can grow up and live the lives they were given.

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