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I am back in the saddle for my 3rd Ride for Lily event and very much look forward to the challenge once again, and the camaraderie and mateship of sharing the experience with a group of riders who share the same passion. The Live for Lily Foundation, and what we are trying to achieve with it, is something very close to my heart. Being a close friend to the Hester family and my mate Aaron, I saw first-hand the pain and suffering that Lily went through battling her disease, and the agony it caused Aaron and Sianne to see their baby girl suffer. No one should have to go through this. As a parent to three boys myself, I could not imagine what that is like to see your child go through such terrible suffering, and that’s why I’m committed to the Foundation for as long as it takes to find a cure for this insidious disease.

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Help us put an end to childhood cancer so that our beloved children can grow up and live the lives they were given.

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