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I’ve loved riding a bike since I was a young kid. The feeling of freedom, cruising the streets of Reservoir on my trusty bmx had me hooked. The adrenaline rush of fast descents and jumping gutters was highly addictive. I’ve also ridden to work 3-4 days per week since I was 19. It’s a great way to start the day and gets one more car off the road. 

Riding from Sydney to Melbourne has always been a dream of mine. I remember when Greg Welch the great Aussie triathlete would go on long training rides with only a credit card, staying in motels whenever he was ready to stop. It will be a huge challenge, which will be testing mentally as much as physically. I look forward to pushing my body to see what it is capable of.

What better way to see the Australian coastline than to do it riding with a great bunch of people, who are all passionate riders, wanting to raise much needed funds for children’s cancer research. Lily’s cancer was a horrific experience for everyone who knew her and this experience should not be experienced by any other family. I love that my love of riding can have a positive effect on raising money for cancer research.

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Donate in support of Martin Spinks for Ride for Lily 2019.

Help us put an end to childhood cancer so that our beloved children can grow up and live the lives they were given.

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