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Meet my nephew Remington. He is the most precious human in my life. If something like childhood cancer took hold of his little body, I would give everything I possibly could to make him healthy again. The Live for Lily Foundation is very dear to my heart. Watching the Hester Family go through the unimaginable pain and sadness of seeing Lily fight the battle of her short life, I couldn’t imagine being in the same situation with my nephew. Ride for Lily 2019 is an opportunity for me to do something that will help those incredible scientists and doctors to find a cure for childhood cancer and prevent anymore children dying from this evil disease. My pain and suffering riding through Tasmania will be insignificant to what these children and their families go through every day, but with your generosity and the support of my fellow riders and support crew… WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER!

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Donate in support of Bec Domange for Ride for Lily 2019.

Help us put an end to childhood cancer so that our beloved children can grow up and live the lives they were given.

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