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Ella enjoys the challenge of an interesting adventure. One of her first memorable ones was living and working in Vanuatu for 3 months and undertaking dive training with her instructor Mr Aaron Hester (and Mr Kevin Green, who is also riding to the rock). Diving the Coolidge she was way out of her depth.

Fast forward 20 odd years and here she goes again, way out of her depth on what she imagines will be an amazing personal journey. With support from hubby Scotto and their two beautiful kids in Far North Queensland, Ella will be riding for Edie, as her best friend in Bendigo has a daughter currently battling leukemia. Fundraising for a wonderful cause in curing childhood cancer and supporting an amazing person and inspirational teacher in Mr Hester, how could she not Ride to the Rock.

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Donate in support of Ella Bennett for Ride for Lily 2018.

Help us put an end to childhood cancer so that our beloved children can grow up and live the lives they were given.

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